Condoms are the number one way of protecting yourself from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, syphilis, viral hepatitis and chlamydia.

Many people use condoms alongside PrEP to further reduce the chance of acquiring HIV.

Condoms come in varying sizes, textures, and materials, so have some fun experimenting to find the right one for you!

If you are fingering or fisting, you can use gloves or condoms on your hands or fingers to protect against STIs that are passed on through contact, like syphilis. 

Try turning a condom into a dental dam for extra protection against STIs during oral sex and rimming.

Latex condoms should always be used with water-based lube as other types can weaken the condoms structure. This is especially important when engaging in anal sex as the rectum doesn’t produce its own lubrication and the lack of lubrication can lead to tears and micro-abrasions which increase the risk of transmission.

The PASH website has lots of information about how to use condoms and how they can be used to prevent STIs.

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You can get condoms and lube for free from PaSH partners, by ordering online.

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