Me, myself and I

If you plan to take a break from sexual intercourse, you have the perfect opportunity to explore other types of sexual activity that carry less risk for STI’s/HIV and help you get closer.

You can spend time building intimacy, through things like touching, mutual masturbation, sensual massages, or even just cuddling.

Taking a break from sex with a partner can help you build emotional closeness and friendship of the relationship and allow you to notice and be aware of how you are using sex. For, example perhaps you’ve been using sex to relieve stress and frustration. It may be beneficial to explore other ways to help relieve stress.

Some people get pleasure from touching their arse hole, penis, testicles, vagina, clitoris, and vulva. You could just use your hands and fingers, try rubbing against objects such as pillows, or use sex toys. If you’re using sex toys, condoms can help you reduce the risk of transmitting STIs.

Masturbating can lead to an orgasm, but you don’t have to cum if you don’t want to or can’t. 

If you’re masturbating frequently or for longer sessions, lube can help you reduce friction and injury.

Some people masturbate together with their partner(s), which is called mutual masturbation. Remember that there is a risk of STI transmission if you touch somebody else’s penis, vagina, or arse and then touch your own, or if you use a sex toy which somebody else has used before you without changing the condom.

Take Action

If you’re nervous about purchasing sex toys and massage oils many online stores deliver with discreet packaging.