PEP is an emergency form of treatment which aims to reduce your risk of becoming infected with HIV after a potential exposure to HIV.

PEP involves a 4 week course of HIV treatment that helps prevent someone from HIV infection.

PEP is for anyone who thinks they may have been exposed to HIV. Some of the most common reasons for needing PEP medication include:

  • Having condomless anal sex or if the condom breaks/slips off during sex with someone who has or may have HIV and is not on HIV treatment.
  • Sharing needles or syringes with a person who has or may have HIV


Step Up Scheme

The SortHIV Step-Up scheme offers free and exclusive access to additional sexual health support, including one to one sessions, workshops, condoms and lube, and testing kits. 

You will not be able to access PrEP  directly through the step-up scheme but we will provide you with the most current information and inform you about ways you can access PrEP. 

If you’d like to refer yourself to the scheme click here. By completing the form, you consent to being contacted by PaSH staff who will review your referral and aim to get in touch with you within 2 working days.

Take Action

If you believe you’ve been exposed to HIV, you should start PEP as soon as possible, ideally within a few hours after the risk event. If it is not started within 72 hours (3 days) of exposure to HIV it is likely that the drug will be ineffective.

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