PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a medicine for HIV negative people. It is a pill taken before sex to protect the transmission of HIV.

It is important to remember that PrEP only protects against HIV and not any other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) – condoms are the only method to protect against STIs.

There are four ways to take PrEP:

  • Every day
  • On Demand/Event-based dosing
  • ‘Holiday’ dosing
  • The T’s and S’s

Visit for more information on all dosing options.

Take Action

In England, although PrEP is not funded routinely by the NHS, there are two options to get hold of PrEP:

  • The NHS is currently piloting the roll out of PrEP in the England through IMPACT trial. Places on the trial are limited but contact your local sexual health clinic to check.
  • You can buy PrEP online for as little as £17 for a month’s supply. Use the website to make sure it is genuine.
  • In addition, THT’s Mags Portman Fund may be able to help  cover the cost of PrEP. You’ll need to evidence you’re on low income.

Ways to get PrEP varies in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.